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Explore our best safaris in Nairobi with a range of day tours and multi day safari tour packages from Bujumbura city to Kigwena National Reserve, Rusizi National Park, Kibira National Park as well as Ruvubu National Park just to name a few. Our guided tours in Burundi are conducted in a small private guided trips and are very affordable. Nairobi tour can be easily combined with top 10 East Africa safari destinations.

A picture of Maasai market in Kenya

A must visit place

A shot of the Maasai market at the high court parking Africa artefacts with associated culture and traditions

Located within the capital of Kenya Nairobi is the Maasai Market

Get a glimpse of the premiere market for African artefacts and curios in Nairobi including hand crafted candle holders,bags,wall hangings,functional kitchen items,beddings artefacts just to name a few.Pricing particularly affordable and transparent.

Usually the market schedule is as follows
Day Description
Monday There is usually no market on this day.
Tuesday Market at Kijabe street park next to Nairobi river and prestige plaza along Ngong road
Wednesday Market at capital center along Mombasa road
Thursday The junction mall along Ngong road
Friday The village market along Limuru road and Lavington mall

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Top places in Nairobi

Bomas of Kenya Bomas of Kenya
Various gallery Kenya history

You get to have the rich africa tradtional music and dance from diffrent ethnic groups.Enjoy some mouth wateraing traditional meals including the famous nyama choma and ugali

Eleephant Orphanage Nairobi Kenya Elephant Orphanage

Located within Nairobi, have a chance to enjoy a great view of elephants of different varieties together with the bead factor alongside

Girraffe Center Nairobi Girraffe center

A great feeling when you get to feed some girrafes and take some breathtaking photos at girraffe center located in Nairobi Kenya. Spend good amout of times there or even opposite this is a mamba viallage also exciting to visit.

Karen Blixen Karen Blixen

A historical site located in Nairobi Ngong.From here is a great view of the ngong hills.Breath taking green gardens with nature trails for walks.A museum located within offers a varieties of ancient crafts and some memorial books.

Nairobi National park Nairobi National park

Enjoy a wonderful game drive through the nairobi national park.Accompanied by expirienced tour guides,you get the insight and knowledge on many details not to miss out a thing

Karura forest kenya Karura forest

Take a picnic on one of the gazzeted areas in kenya which is located at the outskirts of nairobi.The forest reserve offers eco friendly environment which you can take nature walks,meditation,dog walking activities.

Nairobi museum Nairobi museum
Utamaduni restaurant Cultural performance

Kenya’s history from pre-colonial and post colonial period will be found here.

Kenya Railway museum Railway museum

Eplore a great set of artefacts,tools and equipments both tradional and modern about the railway and trains which existed in the precolonial pastin nairobi kenya.