Exciting tour packages

  • Birding tours
  • Nakuru.Ke
  • Birding tours expeditions which are lead by expirienced guides with vast knowledge about local bird species ,behavious and their ecosystem.
  • Agricultural tours
  • Kericho.Ke
  • Grab an opportunity to learn about various aspects of agriculture in kenya,visit diffrent locations and agricultural facilities ,enjoy practices in food production eg coffee and sustainable farming.
  • Wildlife tours
  • Amboseli.Ke
  • Get to expirience and observe various species of animals both in their Natural and man made habitats through excursions and expeditions.
  • Acquatic tours
  • Mombasa.Ke
  • Explore various acquatic ecosystems,marine tours in various water bodies which includes lakes waterfalls and oceans,get to see marine life and engage on various water-based activities like boat riding.
  • Religious tours
  • Mai mahiu.Ke
  • Have an opportunity to travel to various sacred sites, religious landmarks and places of worship which is key to certain faith and believes.
  • Historical tours
  • Fort Jesus
  • Get an opportunity to visit significant landmarks,historical sites,and locations inorder to explore about the past history of kenya.Have an opportunity to learn about civilisation and its development in kenya.
  • Cultural tours
  • Nakuru.Ke
  • Have curated expiriences about the cultural heritage,traditions ,and way of life of diffrent ethnic groups in kenya.
  • Gameparks tours
  • Girraffe center
  • Game drives and wildlife safaris offering you an opportunity to explore natural habitats have an observation of wild animals in their native environment.For nature enthuthiasts get to have a thrilling expirience.
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Porpular destinations

Tsavo west

location Tsavo West

Land of lava,Springs,Man eaters and Magical sunsets

star star star star rated 1.2k

Masaai mara

location Maasai Mara

Migration of the wildbeests remains to be one of the iconic things.

star star star star rated 1.5k


location Mombasa coast Exploration

Summer visits on the coast region of kenya in Mombasa and Malindi for the sandy beaches and sauna.

star star star star rated 1.3k

Mount Kilimanjaro

location Mount Kilimanjaro

The highest mountain in east africa.Book a tour to visit the place for hiking activities and excursions.

star star star star rated 1.8k

Flamingos in Nakuru

location Nakuru National park

Flamingos on lake Nakuru with a great view and exhirelating expirience.

star star star star rated 2.1k

Tsavo east

location Tsavo east Hotel

Have your dinner having a great view of the tsavo wildlife such as lions.One of the best accomodation and places to visit.

star star star star rated 2.3k

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Nairobi city

Nairobi Kenya

Exclusive best Nairobi city Excursions and tours for you

Explore the kenya's capital Nairobi.Have an exciting nairobi city guided tours recommended even for short time travellers.
You are provided with airconditioned vehicles for smooth ride accross the city and expirienced tour guides for an ehiherating tours.

Places of intrest includes

  • National meuseum of Kenya
  • Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage
  • Karen Historical home
  • Nairobi National park
  • Girraffe Center
  • Bomas of Kenya
  • Girraffe Center
  • Bomas of Kenya

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Jkia Nairobi Kenya
Jkia Nairobi Kenya
Jkia Nairobi Kenya
Jkia Nairobi Kenya