Westkate Safaris Birding

Do you love watching birds at their natural habitats? Do you love distinguishing birds from others as you study their key characters? Go no further as Westkate Safaris provide the best birding locations and resorts in Kenya where you’ll have all the ample time to observe the birds.

We will take you to where the birds are located and where they’ve built their nests. Watch the various birds migrate from one location to another in search of greener pastures and secure places. All you need to make your birding experience in Kenya a success, is by using a pair of Binoculars which we at Westkate Safaris provide on our packages. One also needs some birding experts who’ll help you identify the various species; Westkate Safaris have the top local bird guides who are well trained and experienced.

Birds migrate due to various reasons:

  • Food Scarcity – Most of the birds migrate in search of food for themselves and their young ones.
  • Family – Birds are intelligent to a point where they migrate so that their family can survive. They may migrate due to the fact that the current location is dry, insecure or they are just looking for more adequate shelter.
  • Climate changes – Birds also migrate when the climate change. The can move from a cold temperature to a hot one for breeding purposes or simply survival.
  • Disease outbreaks – Whenever a disease or an infection occurs at a particular location, aome birds run away or relocate to another place where their young ones can survive.

During nesting seasons, birders are encouraged not to disturb the birds as some do not feel comfortable in the presence of humans.

We have the best birding resorts and some include:

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